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30 Hour Long Borderlands 3 Single Player Campaign, say what?

Most single player games maybe contain about 5 to 10 hours of game play during a normal paced play through but I guess Gearbox had very different ideas about Boderlands 3 single player experience.

According to creative director Paul Sage, he commented that"If you beeline it through, and I mean beelining it through, it might take you 30 hours to complete the main story." Throw in side missions, experimenting with different builds and play styles, harder difficulties on New Game+, and so on, and you are looking at a much longer game play experience.

To take it a step further with Randy Pitchford and Gearbox Software bringing you the first game play from Borderlands 3 in one big event presentation featuring Amara the Sire, Zane, ClapTrap, Moxxxi, Sir Hammerlock, and Zero! Also showing off co-op game play, skill trees, auto-leveling, and alternate fire weapons to expand on the single player experience some more.

In a world of extreme and high paced multiplayer games and survival based battle royale games, for a game development company to take the time to expand and reach a good solid amount of single player game play hours deserves a golden tick in my book of approval but how does everyone else feel about getting ready for the grind known as borderlands 3 that will be launching on September 13 2019 on PC, Xbox One and PS4.


PC Gamer

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