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A Remaster that Should be Taken Seriously - Mafia Trilogy Confirmed!

It is now official, 2k Games and Hangar 13 have announced the Mafia Trilogy and all that new aspects that will be featuring in the remastered versions of the Games.

The most notable release will be the first Mafia game getting a complete remake which is going to include new game engine, updated script, new cutscenes, 4k Support and much more. They have decided to give the game a complete polish over which I can really appreciate as the first game being launched back in 2002 really needed this fresh coat of paint. The only thing is that we will have to wait until August 28th to get our hands on this remake, but the pre-order is up now.

Furthermore, Mafia II Definite Edition will be launching with all the original released DLC content and will also feature Ultra HD remaster that supports 4K visuals. Mafia III Definite Edition will also be included in this Trilogy pack. The good news is that Mafia II and Mafia III Definite Editions are available right now. You can also buy the games separately if you do not want to splash of for the full Trilogy pack.

The other good news is that players who already own Mafia 2 on Steam or Mafia 3 on PS4, Xbox One, and Steam will be upgraded to the Definitive Edition for free upon launch. So even though we have to wait for the release of the Mafia Remake, we will be able to dive into Mafia II and III which are available right now! So head on over to your platform of choice now and join the family...

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