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Another One? - Death Stranding for PC Has A Date!

Death Stranding was already confirmed to come to PC last year, but the biggest question was when and now we have an official date to plan for.

There is an official launch Trailer for the PC that shows off some really interesting aspects from Valve's side.

Some note worthy mentions from the trailer include main protagonist, Sam Bridges, with a Valve stem coming out the back of his head as he readies himself with a pair of the Gravity Gloves that will feature in Half-Life: Alyx. The PC version will be launching with special Valve items and these extras are also not limited to the Steam release and will be available to Epic Store owners as well.

There is some really nice improvements coming to the PC release which will including high frame rates and support for ultra-wide monitors. It also include an advanced Photo Mode for snapping shots of your favourite gameplay moments.

We have the Price on Steam along with the release date of 2 June 2020 .The standard additional extras that you can receive, along with the pre-purchasing portion of extras for Death Standing is absolutely in abundance. So head on over now to Steam and Epic Games Store to secure your pre-order today!

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