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Looks like we might get Black Ops 5 as early as next year.

It has been very quite as of late regarding any new Call of Duty info for 2019. This time last year there had already been a reveal event for Call of Duty: Black Ops 4. There have been many rumors however that the next Call of Duty will in fact be Modern Warfare 4 - but nothing official just yet. However it looks like the Call of Duty planned for 2020 has some serious development issues.

According to Kotaku, the Call of Duty title scheduled for next year has had a massive design shift. Sleghammer Games, along with Raven software, were suppose to develop the next Call of Duty title but due to deadlines not being met by the studios, Activison stepped in and handed the entire project over to Treyach to carry on with the development cycle. According to sources who are familiar with the companies, Treyach will be developing the next installment of the Black Ops franchise.

Sleghammer and Raven will work along side Treyach developing the new Call of Duty, which is apparently set during the Cold War Era. The new game will also apparently have a single player campaign as opposed to Black Ops 4 ditching that feature for a Battle Royale mode. Treyach are apparently incorporating what Sleghammer and Raven had worked on already into the new Black Ops title and they will carry on with development from there.

At this point in time, a "Black Ops 5" has not been officially confirmed or denied by either Development companies or Publisher. One thing is for sure that Activision, taking this action approach, will reduce the time frame that the development companies have to produce the next title in the franchise, but Activison has declined to comment on these sources for now. What the future holds for the franchise is still foggy at this point, until something more solid gets officially announced, which will hopefully be soon.


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