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Borderlands 3 and State of Decay 2 on Steam!

The Epic Store has had Borderlands 3 since launch back in September 2019, but it has now arrived on Steam as of March 13 and comes with some great reduced pricing for the local South African community. Just remember this reduced pricing will only last until March 20th.

Another great piece of news for anyone who is a fan of the State of Decay series, is that the Juggernaut Edition has arrived on Steam and previously the game was suppose to launch on Steam around the 2022 mark, so glad they didn't decide to stick with that plan. Furthermore, the game has received a graphics update for this launch and the Steam version will support Xbox Live crossplay, meaning that the Steam, Windows Store, and Xbox One versions will all play together.

The game has also launched with a great price tag in my opinion considering how much the game was retailing on Xbox One and the Microsoft Store.

Both games are great editions to Steam either way you look at it. So the question is, are ready to jump into Borderlands 3 and take out the Twins or sort out some Zombies in State of Decay 2, otherwise...... get both!

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