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Bye-Bye Payday 3. Is this the end of Starbreeze?

Starbreeze, the publisher of PayDay 2 and Overkill's The Walking Dead, have announced that the company will not be able to last the next 12 months unless some major funding comes the companies way. The stats can be found here

The company had a very poor 2018 financially and even with the release of Overkill's The Walking Dead, the company has recently also sold off publishing rights to System Shock 3 and 10 Crowns. Another significant blow was when the company announced that they would laying off 40 of its 622 team despite Payday doing well sales wise.

Starbrezze acting CEO Mikael Nermark commented "We are in a challenging situation," and also added "I stand united with the entire Starbreeze team in the efforts to get the business in order. We have a very strong asset in Payday, which is the foundation upon which we will build Starbreeze's future."

Skybound Studios also terminated its contract with Starbreeze due to the poor reception of Overkill's The Walking Dead and reported that it did not meet standards nor is it the quality that it was promised. There is also dispute, with a legal contract, and Starbreeze are in talks with finding a resolution with Skybound regarding the their termination. Non the less, Starbreeze is in some serious dire straits and the future of the company is hanging on a thread until someone rescues them from this financial Heist!


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