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Call of Duty Confirmed for E3 2019 Announcement!

What is confirmed for sure so far is that Activision and Infinity Ward will be releasing the next installment into the Call of Duty franchise, but will this be Modern Warfare 4? No solid details, minus rumours going around, have confirmed any further information about this next release.

One thing that was mentioned earlier this year by both Infinity Ward and Activision was that this year's game is supposed to represent a step forward for the brand. This defiantly brings about excitement for all long awaited fans of the series, to see what they have crammed up theirs sleeves.

Offical tweet regarding the presense of Infinity Ward and Activision being present at E3 2019

We are technically stepping towards the end of the 2nd quarter of 2019, which gives us roughly two months maximum to wait, until we hear more information about the next Call of Duty. Until then, our UAV's are deployed high in the sky and when new information reveals itself, you will be the first to see it here.


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