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Call of Duty Modern Warfare 4 - Confirmed or not Confirmed!

Updated: Mar 26, 2019

The Call of Duty franchise has been going strong over the last decade with many titles appearing and holding true memories for many gamers around the world for it's detailed story lines and action packed Multiplayer modes. Last year Treyarch gave us Black Ops 4 with a twist and decided to drop the traditional single player campaign and introduce a Battle Royale mode called Blackout which has been met with success. Now it is Infinity Ward's turn to roll out the next title for 2019 and the topic on everyone's mind is, will it be Modern Warfare 4, will there be a battle royal, will there be Zombies, will it be a traditional multiplayer? Lets dive into some information that has been circling around currently.

So many rumors currently are gathering around the next Call of Duty game to be dubbed as "Modern Warfare 4" but this is not the only information that has been flying around. Gaming Intel, who has been leaking a lot of Apex Legends details, has been filling the air with very interesting and insightful information for the COD fans!

The piece of information that has come out is that the traditional Zombies mode is not going to be part of the final release of the new 2019 title and the possible addition of a "Survival" mode, which we saw featured in Modern Warfare 3, might be making a return. The Zombies mode has grown over the years offering Easter eggs and a unique story line for players to enjoy where as the Survival mode just offered waves of enemies in a Horde style of game play, so what would Infinity Ward need to do to spice this experience up and would it be enough to keep players interests alive?

Further information that has come out is that a Battle Royale mode will not be featuring but rather a single player campaign will be returning to the game. What will the story then entail considering the crushing end to the original trilogy?

The question most prominent on gamers mind's is what will they be doing with the Multiplayer part of the new game? So apparently there will be no specialist classes or abilities and overpowered weapons that will be featuring and they will be returning to a more traditional multiplayer style of game play. There is also rumors around the inclusion of Modern Warfare 2 weapons and maps that could possibly be returning and being added in the mix of things for the new multiplayer segment. That sweet feeling of running around with the Intervention Sniper Rifle on Rust or Estate!

There is also further information suggesting that Modern Warfare 2 Remastered will not be having a multiplayer mode but only a remastered campaign as per information that has been leaked on certain rating boards.

The information is standing as rumors currently and nothing has officially be announced to confirm all the above mentioned information but it is most defiantly spreading a huge sense of excitement in the gaming community and even myself as a Call of Duty veteran player. The ear is being kept to the ground and as further information arises you will be the first to be updated here!


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