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Call of Duty Modern Warfare - The Classics are Back!

The classic's are back with various new modes and timed events being added to Call of Duty Modern Warfare for the festive season. Lets discuss some of the new features coming with this latest update.

The classic COD4 maps, Vacant and Shipment, are making their return with a new remastered look to them. These maps will be available during the normal map rotations in the multiplayer modes. There will also be a new snowy map version called "Over Winter" that will be introduced for a limited time.

There will also be a new game mode called "Cranked" that will be introduced and Infinity Ward has stated that the game mode will be "a fast-paced, high octane Deathmatch where players race against the clock to get kills or suffer an explosive fate”. This is really the core game play mechanics that we know and love from Call of Duty so really keen to give this a go! There will also be two Spec Ops classic missions, Bomb Squad and Disinform, are being added, while Operation Strongbox is the brand-new co-op experience for this update.

Everything included in the update is free to all players on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One players and the update will be roughly 15GB big to download. Lets get ready to hop into some new content and give the classics a solid play through in true Call of Duty style!

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