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Call of Duty Warzone - The Wait May Be Longer!

Call of Duty Modern Warfare is finally going to launch the much rumored Battle Royal mode later on today. The new mode, Warzone,really seems to pack some really interesting features, but will come at a Price to the player it would seem.

As mentioned, there is a lot of features coming to Warzone that are really interesting from them adding in killstreaks, the ability to be brought back into the game, the map being almost as large as PUBG Erengal, health regenerating system instead of med packs and so much more. They say this mode will be very closely linked to the multiplayer mode in what you can experience while playing it and they have used the same idea as Black Out by incorporating the iconic MW maps into the larger Warzone map.

Furthermore, players may have to wait longer to play Warzone considering that there is no pre-install period and you will have to download around 83-101GB on your platform of choice according to Gamesradar . There is also expected server issues relating to players that will struggle to join at first, but I am pretty sure that Activsion will iron these issues out over the next few days to accommodate all players. So for now, players will need to be patient if experiencing server issues on launch.

The other good news is that if you don't own Call of Duty Modern Warfare, you will still be able to download Warzone and join in on the action. This is really great to hear as this will increase the player base more and just allow more lobbies to match up. Especially for the South Africa community, as our player base is a lot smaller compared to the rest of the world.

Call of Duty: Warzone goes live from 8AM PDT/11AM ET/3PM GMT and for players who do not own Call of Duty Modern Warfare, from 12PM PT/3PM ET/7PM GMT.

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