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Casual versus Hardcore Gamer, how much has this changed?

When I started gaming more online and joined my first clan back in the late 2000's, the general question was how serious I was in terms of just playing for the fun of it or playing to be competitive. The rate the gaming industry has grown with Twitch reaching the levels it has along, with the Esports scene, the general hardware changing and being developed in the market, has changed the way gaming is experienced by many individuals now. According to the global provider of games and Esports analytics, Newzoo , segmenting gamers is no longer the same as it was around 10 to 15 years ago.

Interesting research by Newzoo regarding Gamer Segmentation, which as a more nuanced look at today's gamers and their habits that "encompass all aspects of consumer engagement with games: playing, viewing, and owning." The company's eight modern 'personas' target groups that traditional segmentation doesn't cover, defines them, and breaks each one down by other statistics like age,distribution and living situation into some interesting figures.

-The Ultimate Gamer (13%) — You love nothing more than spending all your money and free time on games.

-The All-Around Enthusiast (9%) — You live a balanced gaming life in your playing, viewing, and buying habits.

-The Cloud Gamer (19%) — You're most likely an early adopter of game streaming services and will only spend money on hardware when necessary.

-The Conventional Player (4%) — You own tons of gaming hardware and would rather spend your time playing games than watching other people play games.

-The Hardware Enthusiast (9%) — You keep up with all the latest hardware trends and probably have a $5,000 extreme-build rig with RGB lighting everywhere.

-The Popcorn Gamer (13%) — You don't play games all that much, but you like watching others play.

-The Backseat Viewer (6%) — You used to game a lot, but you got older and life happened, so you get your kicks from watching esports and people play other games.

-The Time Filler (27%) — You play games to pass the time, when you have time, and you rarely touch a PC game.

I was really curious to see which bracket I fell into, according to the survey that Newzoo uses in order to obtain the stats about the various gamer types. You can view and take the survey here in order to find out which bracket you get placed into.

I believe this is really interesting information relating to how much the gaming industry has grown over the years and how much more offerings there are available to various segments within the industry. This all impacts the general lives of us gamers and what choice we have to include and not include in our setup builds, the games we play, how long we play them for, how much we want to collect, etc. I am just curious as to how much more the gaming industry is going to evolve within the next 10 to 15 years!


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