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Death Rose - Silent Hill Inspired Horror Game

Death Rose was recently announced by Artur Laczkowski as his first independent game title that would appear to be around for the corner for release via Steam. Death Rose will be a Third-person based exploration horror themed indie game, seemly gaining inspiration from Silent Hill.

The game's main story revolves around a man by the name of Scott, who with his best friend Beth talking to him via walkie-talkie, explores an abandoned school rumored to be used by a cult. According the steam page, the game will have interactive dialogue and there will be highlighted emphasis on characters and story.

The game has not yet been confirmed to be released on console yet, but Laczkowski may have plans for doing this in the future. The game has been confirmed to offer controller support for PC on launch. There is also no price for the game as of writing this article and the planned release date is for March 7 2020.

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