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Diablo 4 PVP Update!

Diablo IV was officially announced at Blizzcon 2019 and a rather anticipated wait for all long die hard fans of the franchise. Attendee's of Blizzcon were also able to test out the game on the showfloor during the event, but Blizzard unfortunately did not mention a release date as of yet, but fear not, further news has come about regarding the PVP being introduced to the game.

There has been a feature article of Blizzard's co-founder, Allen Adham, in an interview published on EDGE magazine (January 2020, Issue 340). There was discussion around the PVP (Player versus Player) segment of the game and Adham expressing that " PvP is something we’ve been thinking about and working on since the very first Diablo. It’s something that’s been a long time coming – you’ll have to go back to Diablo II to find it. We’re in the middle of prototyping some really interesting approaches to player versus player – and we’re just about to lock them in".

Furthermore, Adham also spoke about the new far reaching effects of the games open world that they want to expand on by saying " The implications of this big, social, connected open world… that’s something you’re going to understand more as you play. The tech that allows us to run a massive open seamless world, and what that allows us to achieve, is an order of magnitude greater than anything we’ve ever done in Diablo before.".

One of the biggest concerns for any long time fan of the game is that even though Blizzard are wanting to expand on boundaries, further introduce new elements to the game, they want to stay true to the formula that everyone has come to love about Diablo. Adham further stated that " One of the challenges we had in making this game was staying true to Diablo, Diablo II and Diablo III while pushing what all of those games stood for to the next level. But I think we managed it – look at what we’ve done with the class refreshes. We took the Druid from Diablo II but brought it back even better. Now he’s flanked by wolves, and shapeshifts into the werebear, the werewolf. And because it’s Diablo, we dial it all the way up to 11, too – we have shapeshifting, but we also have crazy nature spells to complement that".

There seems to be some really exciting activities around the development cycle of Diablo IV presently and being a long time fan myself, I cannot wait for this new game to be released. We will be keeping our ears to the ground listening for Hells rumble in order to provide updates to everyone on further developments around Diablo IV moving forward.

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