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Did you forget about the Gabe Summer Sale?

There comes that time of year, well twice actually, where all our hard earned cash starts to pour out of our wallets and flows, uncontrollably into the Steam Store!

There has been a leak from the Steam Database Twitter Account regarding this years sale date. If the leak is accurate then the sale should start on June 25 at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET / 5 PM GMT and usually it spans the period of two weeks. There has been no initial hints yet for example by visiting the "Badge" section of your steam application as Valve usually loads up the Sale Cards preview there a few days before the sale starts.

There is also no confirmation of any mini games featuring during this years sale like last years sales with Summer Salien, a browser game, where you traveled the galaxy to rescue games that had been abducted by aliens. You could earn XP and unlock new abilities, and defending certain planets gave you the chance to win the corresponding game for free.

Steam will obviously be having their sale not to long after Epic had their Epic Mega Sale and bearing in mind Epic has been picking up large titles like The Division 2 and Borderlands 3. With that being said, Steam still has one of the biggest game varieties out there so I am pretty sure fans will not be disappointed by the selection that goes on sale.

The sale usually kicks off towards the end of June each year so hands up , open those wallets and let the good times roll!


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