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Fallout 76 - Wastlanders DLC Next Week Release!

Well, Bethesda is gearing up to deliver their new Fallout 76 experience next week and are celebrating this build up with the release of the second official trailer for the new Expansion content.

The release was pushed from the 7 April to the 14 April due to the impact of "stay-at-home" measures brought about by Coronavirus and this forced Bethesda to move the date, which in hind sight is not the most terrible thing as they have had more time to polish up the game before release and considering that Fallout 76 will be launching on Steam as well.

Furthermore, Fallout 76 Wastelanders will be bringing about some great new features such as fully voiced NPCs, companions, a reputation system, choice based storytelling, and a completely revamped main campaign which is honestly gearing up some incredible excitement to experience. I feel a lot of players will be temped to give Fallout 76 another go and this may be what the game needs to grow its base further in a real positive light.

Fallout 76 will be launching on April 14th on PC (Bethesda and Steam), Ps4 and Xbox One.

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