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Gears 5 Just Got Real!

Today saw some serious reveals come through for the upcoming Gears of War title. There is loads of content being added in terms of digital extras and features to the new modes available in game. I say, September where are you?

The Campaign has always been a strong suit for the Gears of War franchise and the new gameplay trailer that was showcased today is no different. This campaign is heavily focused now, on main protagonist Kait Diaz and where here shocking discovery at the end of the last game is going to take her moving forward. The game has always displayed a strong sense of bond among the characters like a huge family and I feel that Gears 5 will live up to this standing.

The Horde mode looks absolutely immersed with action packed thrills and excitement. The Coalition has most certainly stepped up their game to capture the players interest while playing a 3 hour Horde conquest. The newest feature being added is Jack and I say finally this little guy gets his spot light to assist the players towards wave 50 victory. There are new ultimate abilities being added to characters to give greater variety and a wider scope for strategy while taking on the mountainous Horde!

Some really nice add-ons, in the form of digital extras being a Ultimate Xbox Game Pass or Gears 5 Ultimate Edition owner, including Halo Reach Multiplayer Characters. Being a Halo fan as well as a Gears fan, I was honestly surprised and overboard excited to see this addition to the game. The impact was definitely welcomed!

There has been a lot of additional content presented for Gears 5 during today's Gamescon Xbox press conference and further discussion around the games Horde mode. The excitement for fans all around is most certainly one of high anticipation for this new title which is releasing on September 10th for Xbox and PC and September 6th for Ultimate Xbox Game Pass and Ultimate Edition owners. Grab all your courage, strength and lets help Kait find the truth that she seeks!

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