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Gears 5 Pre-Load has Started

There has been some interesting updated information about Gears 5, that will be covered in further detail shortly. Grab your Lancers COG and lets hack through this barrier of information real quick.

Gears 5 has revealed a trailer giving further details about the Maps that will feature in the new game along with an official announcement by the Multiplayer Design Director, around having 60Hz servers for the first time.

The official pre-load period has also started, you can head on over to the Microsoft store page and go to Gears 5 there and start your pre-load. You can also select for either PC or console. The download size is Roughly 60GB so make sure you have enough free space and this applys to anyone with the Ultimate Game Pass or a pre-ordred copy of the game.

Another piece of great news is that the early access date has been moved from the 6 September to the 5 September now. This will only apply if you are an Ultimate Game Pass holder or if you have the Ultimate edition of the game. For example, North American early access will begin at simultaneously at 9 PM EDT, 7 PM CDT, and 6 PM PDT. So book these times and dates for release and start your pre-load today.


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