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Gears 5 Tech Test Holds up to Bold Performance

This weekend has been a true pleasure being able to experience Gears 5 first official tech test period running from July 19th to July 22nd. There are definitely some really noticeable mentions that I have experienced so far during this tech test period. So lets power up our chainsaws and jump right in here.

The first m,mention being the graphical improvements to the game and this was experienced both on Xbox one and PC versions. The moment I launched the game and went straight into the Boot Camp tutorial section, I noticed the improvements already. The game also runs incredibly smooth and for the PC players out there, 144Hz refresh rate is really easily achievable, along with many various graphical options to truly customize your experience regardless of your hardware setup. The Xbox One X experience was an absolute pleasure on the visuals front. The general in game mechanics, both of PC and Xbox one, feel brushed up compared to Gears of War 4.

The game modes are a load of fun to experience with King of the Hill, Escalation making their return to the game, along with Arcade being the various modes to choose from. Arcade is a brand-new type of Versus experience that encourages approachable game play for all types of players. The mode offers different class types which come with different weapon setups, along with real time in match purchase weapon upgrades as those kills rack up during the match, giving you full advantage over other players competing for that overall victory.

What is a tech test without some in game rewards for taking part. There is a banner up for grabs along with a set of in-game skins that you can collect during the test period, which all carry over to the full version of the game when it releases. These rewards fall into the new designed "Tour of Duty" section which gives you a brief look at what is to come in the full version game to enhance your Multiplayer experience in terms of the various collectables that will be available to grind for.

The game had a rough start on Friday with the servers being too full and the game wait time to join was unbearably long. This is a tech test period and the servers need stress testing and there are bound to be issues, but the experience had changed already by early Saturday and the server joining issues and being kicked randomly from games were all sorted out. Overall, my experience as a veteran Gears of War player has been one of tremendous pleasure and joy. I am really excited for the 2nd part of the tech test from Friday July 26 through till Monday July 29 and of course for the full release of the game happening on September 10th. If you have the Ultimate Game Pass or Ultimate Edition of Gears 5, you will be able to play the game 4 days early. See you on the battlefield COG!

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