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Ghost Recon: Breakpoint has the Right Idea!

Loads of games today are coming with all this in-game paid content, especially after paying so much for the various editions of the specific title, now you must fork out more cash to buy further items within the game. Well, someone has been listening to the players it would seem!

Ubisoft will be unlocking forty cosmetic items, that were previously paid content for Ghost Recon Breakpoint in an upcoming update, making the content free for all. They will also be adding in gender and face change at no additional cost as this was a complaint as well. Here is the full list of the 40 previous items that needed to be unlocked with Skell credits:

5 vests: 5.11 TACTEC Plate Carrier, 5.11 VTAC LBE, Blackhawk STRIKE Cutaway, Crye AVS1000, Blackhawk Strike Shoulder Pad

5 pants: 5.11 Apex, 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pant, Jeans, Cargo, Chino

5 headgear: Crye Airframe, Reversed Cap, Military Cap, Berret, ACH Helmet

2 gloves: S&S WetWorX, S&S WetWorX Assault

4 boots: Under Armour Alegent, Under Armour Valsetz RTS, Under Armour Speed Freek, Under Armour Shoes Infiltrator

4 gear paints: Gray Solid, Red Solid, Blue Solid, Coyote Brown Solid

1 shirt: Vasily Sniper

1 eyewear: Gatorz Magnum Sunglasses

1 karambit: Casper

4 emotes: Shotgun, Pistol, Rifle, Sniper

4 emblems: Red Fox, Lion, Grizzly Bear, Golden Eagle

4 card banners: Urban Tech, Mountain, Swamp, Coastal

I personally feel this is the way to go, rather release free updates with content or if you want to challenge the player, then add events for loot that the player can grind for and feel that sense of achievement once they unlock the items. I would say hats off to Ubisoft for listening to the players and for allowing this process to occur. What do you think about it?

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