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Halo 2 Anniversary Has Just Landed in a Solar System Near You!

We have had various roll outs in terms of the Halo games being added to the PC version of the Master Chief Collection and now we have the official launch of probably one of the most iconic Halo titles in the series being Halo 2.

Halo originally was released on the first generation Xbox back in 2004 and now we receive the remastered version with stunning 4K visuals, updated game play mechanics and advanced PC settings to blow us out of the Solar System itself! Halo 2 was really a benchmark when it came out for the online thrills that it delivered way back in 2004 with Microsoft only ending support for it in 2010 and now players get to relive that experience on this updated platform.

Halo Reach is available on PC via Steam and the Microsoft store either within the Master Chief Collection Bundle or bought separately. Furthermore, it will be available through the Xbox Game Pass as well. What are you waiting for Spartan, lets get ready to deploy back into some real nostalgic remastered fun.

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