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Halo Reach Beta. Sign up, Sign up!

Updated: Apr 15, 2019

Microsoft shared a work-in-progress version of Reach in the campaign section of MCC on Xbox One

Microsoft announced not so long ago that the Mater Chief Collection would be coming to PC which caused an earth quake of excitement from new and old Halo fans alike, including myself. Now the news gets even sweeter.

Halo: Reach is expected to come to both Xbox One and PC later this month through its first Beta test. The requirements are to sign up as a Halo Insider which can be done here. For PC, you'll need to upload your DxDiag and link your Steam ID. Microsoft did warn the community saying that they "simply cannot accommodate everyone," but they are truly blown away by how many people have signed up already so, make hast and sign up!

There is no official release date for the Master Chief Collection on PC yet, but what we do know is each title within the Halo: The Master Chief Collection will be sold individually and will be available on Steam.


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15. Apr. 2019

Count me in!

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