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Halo Reach Coming Soon!

We have been greeted with the Master Chief Collection finally coming to PC and with various Beta's having already run for Halo Reach, we are now getting it as the first release that will be part of the Collection and furthermore being a real treat as originally Halo Reach was a stand alone title within the Halo Universe.

There was also some game play captured of 3 different maps for Halo Reach Multiplayer in 4k 60FPS. Microsoft is also tweaking the games to include field of view sliders and make sure the mouse and keyboard controls feel good before launch.

Halo: Reach is being brought to PC in its entirety, and Campaign, Matchmaking, Custom Games, Forge, Theater, and Firefight are all going to be available for players to enjoy.

The game will available through Xbox Game Pass, Xbox One and PC on the 3rd December 2019. The PC versions of the game can be purchased through the Microsoft store or through Steam. You can either purchase Halo Reach on its own for around R147 or the entire Mater Chief Collection for R689.

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