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Metro Exodus - New DLC Has Arrived!

It is now time for us to receive the final chapter of Metro Exodus, in the form of the second DLC content being "Sam's Story" to conclude all add-on content. This was confirmed, not only by the official trailer release, but via the Metro Exodus Twitter page.

In the following expansion, you will be playing as former US Marine and Spartan Ranger Sam, after the events of Metro Exodus. The journey will take you through the remains of Vladivostok. Adding in tsunami ravaged harbours, industrial buildings and ruined residential districts. The goal is simple, to return home to the USA!

There will also be two unique weapons being added to this DLC in the form of a burst-fire assault rifle and Sam's trusty pistol, the Stallion.

Metro Exodus: Sam's Story will be launching on February 11 for Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Stadia.

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