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New Mortal Kombat Movie Announced!

The first movie hitting the theaters in 1995, with the squeal following in 1997, brought a great scene for the game being turned into a Hollywood feature which blew my mind as a kid growing up and pilling the hours into Mortal Kombat, both at home on console and at the Arcade. Now, the next movie has been confirmed for a reboot at long last.

The new movie has been reported to being filmed and produced in Australia. The Premier for Southern Australia, Steven Marshall, came out and stated that the new movie would be the largest film production in the region's history and this being announced by a Poiltician that didn't down talk the movie. Souls are most certainly going to be escaping for this new movie reboot.

Your soul is MINE!!!

Another piece of information that has surfaced is that Greg Russo, who is writing both the Resident Evil reboot and the Saints Row movie, has written the screenplay for the new movie but nothing further regarding the plot of the actual story has been hinted. The Mortal Kombat Universe is a large one with many possible story outcomes so this remains to be seen what the actual plot will be built around.

This is great news that this reboot has been announced, both for the fans of the Mortal Kombat series and the Southern Australian region as mentioned by Premier Steven Marshall, regarding the impact on the general economy, along with 580 jobs and 1,500 roles for extras. Unfortunately no release date or a hint of one has been given or suggested so far but this is only Round 1 of the news so FIGHT!!!


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