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Rage Expo 2019 - The highlights!

Each year gamers from all around South Africa gather at the Rage Expo which is held at the Ticket Pro Dome in North Riding Johannesburg. It is a weekend filled with gaming spanning from casual to competitive, Cosplay competition and the community just showing off their mad costume making skills during the weekend. Technology around gaming and beyond is showcased and displayed as well. Lets highlight what Rage 2019 had in store for us this year.

Apex Interactive Stand Rage Expo 2019

The weekend really had such a great vibe from the start with some much energy and interaction from all stands involved introducing new products into the market and creating general awareness within the community. It was fantastic to walk around and chat to representatives about their various products and actually sit down to try out the products first hand. There was so much on display to actually look at and plenty of information circulating in the form of flyers and catalogues. Lets not forget to mention the giveaways that were so generously being cycled through by hosting fun activities during the course of the weekend.

Apex Interactive Stand Rage Expo 2019

The technology side of things was really great to experience and see first hand. There was plenty of games on display to try out at the various vendor stands. Seeing graphics cards, gaming chassis, gaming keyboards, water cooling solutions and full on PC custom builds was really interesting to see the creative ideas that had gone into the builds and also giving the general public ideas of their own to work on their own builds back home. I really liked the fact that I could try out the various gaming laptops for example that were on display, I could play the games on the laptop, alter settings and see how the general performance of the laptop would react to these changes.

Xbox Stand Rage Expo 2019

There was plenty of different activities happening throughout the weekend from Competitive games like CS:GO, to cosplay competitions, to various charity events and fun activities where everyone could jump in and get involved. There was loads of merchandise on sale from gaming clothing, collectable figurines, comics, custom mugs, posters, you name it. The range of items was rather vast and needed time to explore throughout the weekend.

There was loads of further entertainment being carried out during the weekend from various stands like Evetech and MSI showcasing exciting gameplay events on their main stage from our local streamers like Dangerous Dave, Chloesaurus, Chani_za , ItsCandyRox, Grant Hinds and many more who were interacting with the local community in exciting gaming challenges. The energy was great and loads of fun so well done to everyone involved in making this possible and I am pretty sure the community would agree.

Evetech Main Stage and Stand Rage Expo 2019

If you managed to attend the event or if you were able to catch the live streams, Rage 2019 was something magical to experience overall. There is honestly so much that had occurred over the weekend to try and cover every aspect of the event. I would highly recommend booking your calender for Rage Expo 2020 and actually trying to attend the event to experience what it actually has to offer because each year it really does grow and the community grows with it.

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