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Rainbow Six Siege - Operation Void Edge!

The new operation for Rainbow Six Siege is on its way, bringing a new look and feel to map Oregon, introducing to new operators and some added fixes to the general overall game play experience.

The most notable changes for Oregon will involve the Basement, where a new set of stairs links up to Kitchen, Construction and have been expanded for less claustrophobic attacks. The laundry hatch of Basement has been shifted to a less central location to make the site less of a meat grinder for defenders. There is also a new hallway adjacent to Meeting Hall that connects Big Tower to Kitchen and relieves Meeting Hall as a choke point.

The two new operators that are being added with Void Edge are Iana, an Attacker, and Oryx, a Defender. Iana is a Dutch operator and she comes with a Gemini gadget holographic decoy, but this is not the same as Alibi's ability. The key difference is Alibi projects a stationary hologram of herself where as Iana projects a moving hologram of herself. The hologram can bait opponents into tossing their explosives and it can expose traps without triggering them. The major drawback is that she has to remain stationary in order to launch the holographic image of herself leaving her exposed.

Furthermore, Oryx, a Jordanian operator, uses his mass and power to bust through soft barriers without any tools. One of the great features of Oryx’s battering-ram attack is that he can knock anyone to the ground, including those annoying corner hugging shield-bearing Operators. He may also jump up to an open hatch, grab its ledge, peek around at his surroundings, and then either pull himself up or drop down. The major drawback to his speed, mobility and Rebar Bash ability is that he is very loud.

These two new operators will be 53rd and 54th Operators in Siege’s lineup and the good news is that players may get their hands on them (on test servers) beginning February 17th.

Further in game changes coming are that barricade destruction will be made more consistent and less obstructive to players opening breaches or shooting through them. The next update will also bring a redesign to the UI, making it cleaner and more informative.

Unfortunately Operation Void Edge, the code name for Year 5, Season 1, does not yet have a launch date, but you will be able to get your hands on these changes mentioned on February 17th via the game’s public test servers.

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