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Resident Evil 3 - Official Teaser Trailer and More!

It is here... Someone is running.. There are infected everywhere... First person horror, breathing, fire, shadows... Will she escape? The official teaser trailer has just gone up revealing some interesting first impressions of the upcoming Resident Evil 3 Remake!

The trailer starts with Jill Valentine running for HER LIFE and something very large is tracking her down and eventually smashes right through the above floor, but she manages to evade, while stumbling through an open door, back into Racoon City's dark and gloomy ally ways and highly populated streets!

We get a full glimpse of the new Jill Valentine in this trailer and of course the setting for the remake is presented in summary. It appears that they are using the same engine as they did with Resident Evil 2 from what I could pick up. Various characters are being introduced and of course Carlos is back and makes his appearance, along with the most notifiable villain being Nemesis, making his appearance known to all!

Furthermore, we now have a release date for Resident Evil 3, being April 3 2020, yes lady's and gentleman, it is confirmed officially with a release date. So mark this down now on your calender's for next year. There was also an interesting mention to an online game bundled in with Resident Evil called " Resident Evil: Resistance". There is no further information about this online experience as of yet.

Resident Evil 3 will also be coming with Pre-order digital extras in the form of classic costumes. The game will be releasing on PS4, Xbox One and PC via the Steam Store on April 3 2020.

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