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Resident Evil 3 Remake Has Cover Art!

Recent rumors from Youtuber Spawn Wave regarding the release of Resident Evil 3 remake may be coming to pass as the appearance of the game's cover art on PSN, which tracks PlayStation stats, spotted the addition of the cover art on the official PlayStation assets site. What can we gather so far regarding this new cover art?

One thing is clear thus far that the cover art shows off Jill, Carlos and Nemesis with their respective changes. Carlos has had a serious makeover and most notably the hair changes and beard. Jill Valentine is looking like a serious bad ass and she is not moving away much from her original design, but sadly it looks like fan-fave Julia Voth won’t be the face of Jill in this upcoming remake. Nemesis seems to be as hideous as always and stayed true to the original design as well. That mouth for me has always been the most disturbing part of him and especially playing the original game as a kid.

Furthermore, according to Gamstat's leak, there will be two editions, at least on PS4, though it's not clear what the differences will be in the two editions as of yet. I believe everyone is hoping that Spawn Wave's predictions for the official announcement at the Video Game Awards 2019 will actually occur and that we may witness actual game play along with a firm release date.

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