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Sony - Rather Pace Yourself!

Updated: Jan 8, 2020

The 2020 International CES event is about revealing many various technological advancements throughout the industry, aiming at gamers, content creators and so forth. Sony had their presentation, which did not have such the impact that they may have been expecting.

Over the last while Sony has been revealing certain aspects about their next generation console, including features such as an official release window, specifications, UI, and Dualshock 5 controller innovations. We got a video demonstration on the load speeds of the next gen console versus the PS4 Pro demonstrating the new Ultra High -Speed SSD Drive. These specs were once again showcased at CES 2020 along with a very sub par Logo reveal for the up coming PS5 console. The logo does not really stray from the PS4 logo by any figure of the imagination and in fact, it’s the same font and size, basically only the number itself has been updated.

I feel the that this was not really something the fans were looking forward to in terms of a reveal and with regards to a very poor logo design attempt at that! There is a lot of hype building around the next generation consoles coming out in the Holidays of 2020 and Sony has yet to actually give a reveal worthy of this hype that is being generated. Apparently we will likely only know more about the PlayStation 5 in June when Sony makes its presentation at the E3 expo in Los Angeles.

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