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Time versus Passion as a Gamer

The gaming industry has most defiantly grown rapidly over the last 10 years, more so compared with the last 30 years. Running into gaming arcades, begging our parents for coins to play our favourite games or going to LAN's, but now we just have this same experience at home via a console, hand held device or PC.

There is most notably different generations of gamers that range all the way back to the 70's, but the same form of passion exists for why we play games in the first place right! Maybe we chasing that high score on a leader board, we really take to a game on a competitive level, we love the social aspect of playing with others or maybe we just like diving into a really in depth driven story line while appreciating the graphically created world we are immersed in.

The gaming industry has most defiantly gotten to the point of spoiling us for choice with all the various development companies that have been growing and popping up. Today, we sit with so many choices of games to play, how many various platforms to play them on and yet our passion remains but does our time to play everything really measure up? As children and teens, we have time but never enough funds to purchase everything on the market. As Adults, we have the funds but not always the time due to life throwing the various demands our way.

It is August already and rather scary to think how many new game titles have hit the market just in 2019 so far, let alone how many more games are still planned for this years release. Lets face it, we need a wish-list that is some what realistic, just for our own personal self, in order to try prioritize our time in terms of how much we can actually invest. Here is a rather extensive list of up coming titles for the remainder of this year, that has been generated by GamesRader and can be found here

Not only are we given so much choice when it comes to choosing what games we purchase, but even more so, what hardware are we going to run these games on? The market gives us options, but as gamers we like choice and not everyone's needs are the same either. Some like gaming on affordable hardware options, others prefer the console experience and holding a remote. What about the full customization of building their own gaming PC which also spans many different options. Some like gaming on the fly via a form of mobile or hand held device. The market has presented many options for gaming hardware so what will you choose?

This is just to mention a few points of our world of gaming now a days versus how gaming was say back 15 to 20 or 30 years ago. The way technology has progressed which allows further advancement in gaming and the hardware that games are played on. Even with all of this mentioned and many more aspects of the gaming market that could be mentioned, the question on my mind as of late being a passionate gamer, is how does our passion for being gamers measure up to the actual time we have available to enjoy it all?

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