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To PC game or not to PC game, this is but the question?

Updated: Apr 30, 2019

PC gaming has been one of the fore standing platforms for gaming for many a year now, allowing for huge scope on hardware upgrades in order to achieve those high end graphical demands which are truly so rewarding to visually take in and experience. PC gaming has always aimed at offering a unique experience to the platform but is technology changing in a different direction?

According to a report from technology marketing and management consulting firm Jon Peddie Research , 20 million PC gamers could move over from the PC platform and to consoles by 2022. There are various reasons for this move such as consoles and TV displays are becoming more powerful and more gaming titles are becoming "exclusives" among other factors.

Jon Peddie, President of Jon Peddie Research, also commented about the PC market and said “The PC market continues to decline because the innovation that took place in the past providing speed ups and clever new things has all but stopped, plus the product introduction times are stretching out to four years,” He was also not completely against the PC platform and hardware formulation by further stating “This is not a panic situation and the GPU market still generates incredible volume. However, there are forces at work that we predict will drive some of this business toward TV displays and associated gaming services.”

So, with the forever changing market and how this will effect PC gaming as a whole moving forward, is still anyone's guess. Consoles are becoming more powerful as mentioned and so are TV displays, but will adding a mouse and keyboard to a console really give you that same satisfaction as when you sit behind your custom built, RBG glowing, water cooled, dragon breathing GPU inside a monstrous chassis we know as a Gaming PC? Gamers will be left with that decision so, what will be yours?


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