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Which Edition does your Budget Allow???

With e3 2019 happening this past week and the various development companies revealing all the new games coming our way from now until roughly mid 2020, many Collectors Editions for these games have been put up for pre-order already. So the big question now is, how much can your budget actually allow?

There has been massive announcements that have been truly "breath taking", as best said by Keanu Reeves as he came on to stage after the new trailer and release date reveal for Cyberpunk 2077. Their collectors edition is rather a mountain to climb in terms of all the goodies locked inside. Legendary Developer, Bethesda along with ID Software, announced their collectors edition for DOOM Eternal which displays a full life like sized Doom Slayer Helmet along with loads of digital and hard copy packed goodies.

Final Fantasy VII Remake also came out with a extremely larger than life Collectors Edition and the same can be said for Watchdogs Legion Collectors Edition encompassing loads and loads of goodies included in theirs. Gears 5 then steps up with a remote controlled "Jack Drone", which can also be purchased separately. This is just to mention a few of the collectors editions that were on the hot seat at e3 this year among the many others that were revealed.

As gamers now a days and with the increasing amount of developers out there producing new titles for us to explore each year, we have to ask ourselves the big question - Which games do we buy and which editions accompany that decision? There is just simply too many games that are coming out all at once and how far does our budget stretch to buy them all, along with the various editions that represent them and needless to say when do we find the time to play them all! These are possibly just some of the questions that we ask our selves as gaming consumers in this day and age of gaming but again how far can we actually stretch ourselves?

The game is the main thing we want to play and enjoy at the end of the day but we are also wanting to choose the company that best represents our interests. We like to be a fan of these games coming out and we like options for these games but again how far are we willing to go in order to build our collections both digitally and physically? What actually really drives our purchases when we are waiting to either click "add parcel to cart" or standing in the gaming store with these physical copies in our hands and feeling that pure rush of energy that excites us beyond understanding? I speak to our gaming community locally and abroad and ask, how far are we willing to be stretched?

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