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Age of Empires 4 Game Play Reveal.

The 18 October 2005 saw the release of Age of Empires 3 and this was the last game we got in the franchise until the announcement of Age of Empires 4 in 2017. This was a glorious moment for any long term fan of the series and finally the long wait was over knowing a new game was in development. Now at X019, we have been given a short look into actual game play footage.

There was further reveal at the event regarding how the various civilizations would react differently from each other rather than just having unique units at play. Age of Empires creative director Adam Isgreen has stated "We have this wide spectrum of civilisations that go from very understandable if you’ve played a previous Age game, to 'you need to learn a lot to really play these ones well'". It seems Relic Entertainment is keen on revamping gameplay mechanics with this entry to shake things up while still giving long-time fans of the series some ground to stand on.

The trailer is filled with a loads of action packed quick scenes revealing huge city structures and layouts, gorgeous scenery, over populated battlefields and more. Age of Empires 4 hasn't been assigned a release date just yet, but the gameplay trailer did paint a picture of a game that's pretty far into its development cycle.

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