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Call of Duty Modern Warfare - What we know so far...

E3 has showcased many new titles, coming from various development houses and one of these being Infinity ward showcasing more about the upcoming Call of Duty Modern Warfare title, but was it more of a showcase or just actual verbal banter?

On the E3 Coliseum Event, Infinity Ward discussed further aspects regarding the single player campaign and how they were trying to approach the story differently. They feel that they want more room to allow the creative juices to flow and further emphasis has been put on the actual development of the characters along with the various actors who are playing them. The game will also be taking a more realistic approach in game play while giving the player more room to make tactical decisions from narrow hallways to the traditional open planned areas that we are use to from the older Call of Duty titles. Spec Ops has also been confirmed to be making a return for the CO-OP feature of the game which has replaced Zombies.

There was huge emphasis being put on the technology side of the new Game Engine, that has been in development for the past couple of years and introducing Modern Warfare as the first game debut on this engine. Infinity Ward feel like they can deliver more with the new engine compared to what they were able to do with the first game engine back in 2007 and an example of this is the approach they have taken with the graphical mechanics around nigh-vision goggles along with various environmental advancements.

There was not much reveal in terms of Multiplayer game play news minus two new screenshots being presented.

From the first image, Infinity Ward did confirm that the juggernaut would be making a return into the game. The second image reveals the new ghillie suit design that will also be making a return.

The big disappointment, as a fan myself of the series, along with other fans in the general community is the fact that there was no game play reveal even for the single player campaign. It felt like we got a brochure on the new game but no evidence to back up everything that was being discussed during the panel. Never the less some interesting information regarding the game has been revealed so far and we will defiantly update further news when it becomes available.


E3 coliseum

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