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Cyberpunk 2077 2080 Ti - Not For Sale!

One of 2020's most anticipated titles, Cyberpunk 2077, theme has been brought to a limited edition Nvidia 2080 Ti GPU design and is truly mind blowing. The biggest catch is the price point of this card!

Nvidia have decided to produce around 200 of these limited edition Graphics Card's, which will not be sold at consumer level, but rather 77 (A fair number in this light) of them will be given away to some truly lucky fans out there. How the competition will work is as follows:

1. Follow Nvidia Geforce on Twitter here

2. Reply to the original post with the name of an online buddy who would like one of the graphics cards, using the hashtag #RTXOn

3. Retweet of the original Post

There is not a huge time frame for this competition, but you will have until February 28 to enter. Good Luck!

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