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DOOM Eternal - New Gameplay Reveal

2020 is most defiantly building up to be a year of massive releases and DOOM Eternal is about to smash you out of the park with its high intensity, gut-wrenching, ground stomping, fast-paced, action packed gameplay that seems to be never ending!

A new gameplay video has hit, revealing a further 10 minutes of intense gameplay visuals as the Slayer takes on the Demons in a new traditional sense if you will. The Glory kills have returned and have really upped the mechanics in terms of what the player can do now, especially with the introduction of the Slayer's new shoulder-mounted Grenade Launcher and shoulder-mounted flamethrower, called the Flame Belch, which burns demons and makes them spit out armor shards.

Furthermore, some demons now take locational damage, letting you dismember specific parts to either stop them in their tracks or significantly hinder their capabilities. This will aid the Slayer in action and make life a bit easier on those tougher Demons like Cacodemons and Mancubus. Ammo and Health seems to be in a shorter supply in this sequel and does require the player to be more creative in how they play now! This should add a nice new dynamic to the overall experience. The Slayer will also have new upgrades such as Runes and Praetor Suit perks, Runes act as upgrades that grant you up to three dynamic abilities at a time, out of nine options total, being added to the mix to assist in tearing through those annoying Demons. You even get to neural link up with a Revenant Demon and fly around and cause chaos with the other Demons, they are really pushing the limits here!

The new game is really gearing up to be an excellent continuation of what we experienced with DOOM back in 2016. There is many new features coming to this title, that you will see in the new gameplay video and it is really exciting to see being a long time fan of the series myself. There was also mention from Hugo Martin who said, "We're hell-bent on engaging you from beginning to end. This is a 22-plus hour game." The campaign is longer than the first title, which was roughly about 13 hours long. I am really glad that the title was postponed from last year November, giving ID more time to concentrate on the game before release. Are you ready to experience Hell on Earth come March 20 2020 as DOOM Eternal will be launching for PC via steam, PS4 and Xbox One.

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