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Final Fantasy VII Remake - Leaked Intro Cinematic.

The remake of one of the most iconic Final Fantasy games within the series, Final Fantasy VII, is heading for release early this year in March and now we have a leaked cinematic intro video, courtesy of Youtuber, Lystrasza.

What is really remarkable is the intro to the Final Fantasy VII remake being so gorgeous, nearly-identical to the version of the famous opening to the 1997 original. Lets quickly briefly discuss what is happening in this intro scene. The scene kicks off with Aerith walking through Midgar's busy streets before we get a wide pan shot of the sprawling metropolis. Then the Final Fantasy VII logo appears and gives way to Cloud and company making their epic entrances which then leads to the end of the intro scene allowing the player to take control.

The most noticeable take from this leak is that a playable Demo is on its way. The leaked video reveals a title screen, camera setup menu, and difficulty settings for the demo before the cinematic begins. There is no official confirmation on when this Demo will come out or how long the Demo will run for either.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will be launching for PS4 on 3rd March 2020.

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