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Gamescom 2019 - Big Attendees

Gamescom 2019 will be bringing several press conferences from our favourite publishing companies. Sony have something planned to surprise us with, Blizzard will not be announcing anything big this year round so you might have to tune in for Blizzcon later on this year for big announcements from them. Further more, Xbox and Google Stradia will have their own press conferences and Nintendo will have some Indie announcements. Lets jump in and see some of the schedules.

Here is a quick brief overview of the schedule happening on Monday August 19th:

- Nintendo Indie World Monday, August 19 14:00 UK

- Inside Xbox Monday, August 19 16:00 UK

- Google Stadia Connect Monday, August 19 18:00 UK

- Gamescom Opening Night Live Monday, August 19 19:00 UK

For a further in depth look at what is on the agenda for each conference, that can all be found here

It may not be as busy as the E3 2019 schedule, but will most defiantly be something to tune into to catch new updates and reveals. I believe a lot of fans are waiting for Sony to mention something regarding the new Playstation release, all Gears 5 fans are in for a treat with a new look at Horde mode, Ghost Recon Breakpoint Multiplayer Reveal will be featured, further Google Stadia news and much more. Lets gear up and get ready for Gamescom 2019 live streams, TODAY!!

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