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Ghost Recon Breakpoint Closed Beta Overview

If you have pre-ordered Ghost Recon Breakpoint already or were lucky enough to score a key due to registration that took place a few months back, you could experience the first glimpse into the Island of Auroa taking on the treacherous foe, the Wolves, in this exclusive closed beta that took place this past weekend!

The action really does not hold back and throws you right in from the word GO as you land on the island with your various squad mates, expect that doesn't go to plan and as all Ghost teams are struck down by some abnormal force. You wake up and have to pick yourself up fast, grab what you can and start moving! The experience was one of adrenaline pounding anxiety to move and gather ones bearings in a more sound environment.

The Island that you find yourself in is colossal in size and transport is something that would be recommended rather than travel by foot. The game mechanics around your character is built around a strong sense of realism. You experience fatigue from running to much and you would be advised to fill your water bottle with fresh water in order to ease up the fatigue that builds up around your stamina bar. You become one with nature from collecting raw materials or just using the environment to hide from your enemy's watchful eye and believe me, they are watching!

The customization has many layers around it and is similar to what we experienced in Wildlands. The weapons felt great to use and running around and exploring to find more advanced weapons was a great adventure. You can find blueprints for more powerful weapons throughout the Island to help your fight against the Wolves.

The missions were a lot of fun and you have the option of turning off the guidance system which allows you to rather rely on Intel you gather from various NPC's and the environment in order to progress with your given task. This really places emphasis on the realism factor once again.

The perk system allows you store up to 3 perks that can be used for a specific class that you choose. You also receive skill points which can be spent on upgrading your skills as you progress. Believe me, there is a lot of choice here, so you going to have to be wise about your decision.

Overall the game felt great and from a performance stand point on PC it ran really well and looked so damn good visual wise! The game play was really enjoyable and interesting. I really appreciated the realism factor and questioning every decision you need to make before taking action. I am really excited for the full release of this game on October 4th on PC via Ubisoft Uplay Store or Epic Games Store, PS4 and Xbox One.

Remember Ghosts, in preparation to take on the Wolves, please keep an eye out for your special training that Dangerous Dave will be giving until the release of the game on our Super2bit Facebook Page.

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