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Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Terminated!

Ghost Recon: Breakpoint will be introducing the Terminator Event that will be starting on Wednesday 29th January. There has not been a lot of information about this event, but the trailer has gone up revealing some interesting features.

The event will begin when you follow the trial leading to Rasa Aldwin, a woman claiming to be from the future. She needs your help! She will give you a special weapon, which will give you a fighting chance moving ahead. There will also be daily missions introduced where Rasa will pick up signals of T-800's and you will need to locate and destroy them. These missions will not be repayable either.

Furthermore, there is a part 1 on January 29th being Mission 1 and Mission 2 starting on February 1st. There will be 23 new exclusive items coming with this patch for this event such as:

New vehicle - RT5 Shepard Terminator

New Vehicle - Starfield X4 Terminator

New Weapon - UZI

New Weapon - AR -18

New Face paint - Shredded T-800 Facial Paint

New Gear - Resistance Helmet

All these items will be inspired by the Terminator movie. The Terminator themed items will be available in Maria's shop and 12 items purchasable with Skell credits. The good news is that you will have three days to complete your missions before the next assignment is handed out.

The actual patch update is around the 11GB mark and is available already as of writing of this article. This may be really interesting jumping back into the game to discover what this event holds. All I can say is get ready for the fight of your life against this killing machine as the launch trailer says it all!

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