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Humble is the Humble Bundle Store!

The humble bundle monthly packs are something we have grown accustom to for having great bundled game deals, that you can subscribe to monthly and receive. That once a month surprise package that you to tend to forget about and then the notification appears and you get to add some great titles to your gaming collection.

There is also a store option containing such amazing sales and this month happens to be a huge sale on all Racing games. So if you like getting behind the steering wheel of your favourite branded motor vehicle or like to set that insanely fast time around a world famous race track, this sale is definitely something you want to punch down on the accelerator pedal for! The racing sale is now on and up to 85% off. Click here to view the Humble Store Racing Sale Games.

Furthermore, do not forget to catch the Marxman in action while he pushes the boundaries of the newly released Racing Game Grid, which was released on October 11th for PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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