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Immersive and Seamless!

With more than 90 million consoles being sold worldwide, Sony has dominated the console market and it would appear they are only getting started. The company has made it very clear that the two very prominent adjectives, to describe the next generation console, will be Immersive and Seamless.

The company has been seriously busy with some interesting new developments which include the comparison of the processing speed between the PS4 Pro and next generation console, including a ultra fast Solid State drive to improve on the general load times of the console. The actual demonstration can be seen by Sony at an investors meeting:

AMD is also concentrating efforts on improving the CPU and Graphics technology for the new console with its "secret sauce". Sony officially announcing that next generation console players will be able to play with PS4 players thanks to backwards compatibility. Vice president, John Kodera, was quick to add that cross-generation play will be important to the PlayStation community as a whole.

Immersive and Seamless is all about stretching the boundaries at Sony currently, which could really bring about some more really exciting features and concepts. Maybe there will be a wireless virtual reality headset in development. One thing is for sure though, Sony is making some serious head way with their developments on the next generation console, so what is next?


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