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Playstation Celebrates 25 Years!

Today celebrates the 25 years since Playstation's release back on 3 December 1994. The Playstation has most certainly had some great milestones during the first generation release, up until the current PS4 release and the new upcoming PS5 console scheduled for its 2020 release. What did Playstation do differently looking back!

Sony most defiantly turned up the heat when it came to producing a console that took gaming from 2D graphics of the Mega Drive and SNES to the 3D visuals introduced with the Playstation 1. It was also most noteable that while the Nintendo 64 was the most powerful console of the generation, Sony made an even more important innovation, in terms of the types of games it made and how it promoted them.

Furthermore, Nintendo was targeting a scene for children friendly game play and Sony decided to take it up a notch with more adult catered game play in the form of realistic violence, sexual content, or even just complex storytelling within a game. There is also mention to the fact that the PlayStation used CD-ROMs instead of cartridges, allowing it to revolutionise the use of pre-rendered visuals, and sound and music, in video games.

Jim Ryan, President and Ceo SIE, had put out a thank you statement to all fans that have enjoyed the console since its release back in 1994. That statement can be found here.

Playstation truly did introduce the next level gaming system and has brought to us games like Resident Evil, Metal Gear Solid , Crash Bandicoot, Tekken, Gran Turismo and Final Fantasy VIII. Let us also not forget that to date, the Playstation 2 has remained the best selling console of all time, with sales figures of around 150 million world wide.

What ignites your passion when you think about your experience with Sony and which games really spoke to you all those years back or even now on current PS4 consoles? This console has dominated the console game space now for 25 years, along with the release of innovating consoles and a mighty line up of classic games that will forever be remembered within the game scene.

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