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PUBG Mobile may have Local Servers Coming

Monday has arrived and it is time for a post weekend opinion piece. Grab some coffee and lets dig in.

PUBG overall is probably one of the most played Battle Royal games currently minus its fore running competitor Fortnite. While the game covers multiple platforms, news has surfaced that PUBG Mobile will be getting local server support within the African region as a whole.

According to the news article from Sam Wright aka techgirl, local servers are on their way. The details can be found here .

While this is good news in the department of actually getting local servers for the mobile game, what does it mean for our community locally. The big question is our current gaming market, which is growing without a doubt, but will it be enough for local lobbies within PUBG to fill up timely? This is a big question we have to ask our selves. Yes we struggle with ping, which can fluctuate any where from 180 to 240, depending on which lobby you land in, location of lobby, server connection locally and abroad. There is many factors to consider which local servers will indeed combat but returning to that original question, will our gaming market be enough to keep up? At the end of the day, we all just want to play the game and have the best experience while doing it. Lets us know in the comments section how you feel about this change occurring?

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